Got in trouble for shoplifting by parents. How to gain their trust?


2 weeks ago I got caught shoplifting makeup at Target. Im 18, so they didn’t call my parents. They just took my information down and let me go thankfully.
Today I got sent a civil letter that I knew was coming, I was going to pay for it. I made the dumb decision so I was willing to take the consequences and pay. I did not tell my parents this whole time. I reflected on my dumb decision for the past 2 weeks, started attending bible study and started forgiving myself, praying and etc. Of course my parents got the letter today and flipped out. They’re only mad b/c I didn’t tell them when it happened. I wanted to deal with this on my own. They are completely disappointed in me. I am too but they are not talking to me and would not let me attend the concert that I was going to go to tomorrow. (Im fine with that honestly, guess I deserve it) My only thing is, at this point, my parents won’t let me go anywhere. They want me home and to sit in my pity and dwell on my mistakes. Iv’e already accepted everything for what it is. I do not dwell on my past, I learned my lesson and moved on from the situation. Idk what to do, what to say to them. Help?

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Ever since kid, i'm sure even you has said "Saying sorry is the only way" and i'm pretty sure it is. You need to explain everything to your parents and gain their trust. Is it better to be locked up in your room and crying all over the shit over and over again? Just think, wouldn't it be better if you explained everything? That way you won't feel guilty at all. Even if they won't trust you, i doubt, but if they won't atleast you, deep down know and you'll be satisfied so you can move on. If you've already learn your mistake then you must know, we here, just give advises but in the end it's your decision :D