Got ghosts or jins?


The vast internet was exciting at first, and then I realized how limited it is to solve the problems of my plights and concerns, this reality is very limited. I’m very interested in ghosts and jins (genies) to change my waking life. How could I make my dream life connect with my waking life of reality? I’m being very serious here. I’ve done all the taro cards, I’m on search for something miraculous and mind-blowing.

Category: Tags: asked August 24, 2015

1 Answer

The harsh truth is that magic, ghosts, psychics, and djinn do not exist in reality. You have an active imagination, but you are chasing dreams. The James Randi Foundation has hosted a one million-dollar challenge for close to forty years for anyone who can prove ANY evidence of supernatural, paranormal or psychic ability.

Most people, whenever they are issued this challenge to their claims, they come up with some excuse, any excuse whatsoever why they can't do it, proving that they are lying.

The most you will ever find from people claiming to practice magic is emphasis that feelings are magic and then encouragement to see random or otherwise coincidental events as proof of magical effect. It is intellectually dishonest and demonstrates a separation from reality.