Go or not to go?


So theres this one “friend” that have just “invited” me to her birthday on sunday. We havent talked since september when she started to ignore messages. We were actually good friends, we had our group of 6, but when we went to different schools we just lost contact. Now after lots of months one of those friends in the group just told me that that friend is planning of doing a meet on her bday and that she thinks to invite me n her. So i was like ok even if she have ignored me earlier. Since that day i was kinda wating for her to invite me by herself but today i got a message from the same another friend, saying that theyre plannig to meet on sunday at 2pm. I was disapointed. I was really expecting from her to write me. So i asked “why cant she do that by herself”, and she said” maybe shes just not talking to u”. So from all that messages i just understood that she told that friend to tell me that shes inviting me. Lol. But i just wrote back”i ll come when theres no people between us”, as my new friends from new school suggested. I see that “friend” on fb online all the time, but is she afraid or what? Or just feeling a higher level than me? So what do u think? Am i being a bitch?

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Btw i actually felt her wantin to be "popular n beautiful" atitude even when we were "friends", so i never felt like i had a real friend in my life. Things that we done is just selfies when i got my new phone...so i felt being used a bit
Hey Anna, No I don't think that you're ''being a bitch''. If someone is ignoring your messages without reason to, that is very unfair as you are left wondering if you have done something that upset them and feeling upset yourself. I think you should do what you feel is best yourself. If you think that the party would be awkward then it would probably be best not to go. I'm glad to hear that you have new friends who hopefully treat you with more respect.
Hey :)
Firstly, I'm pretty sure you're not a bitch.SO don't think that.
One thing I've learnt in the last month actually, is to not give a shit about people who don't care for you.It's not worth it. If you think you are a good human, then don't worry about the other person.
If you a satisfied with yourself,then Don't care what someone else thinks of you.You're awesome.
I don't think you're being a bitch either. But who knows? Maybe this is her way of reaching out to you again, just not too much since you haven't really been friends in a while. Either way, it's a party, and parties are fun. You should go. :) Edit: Make sure to close your tags, Shrink. :P
Hey Anna! You're not being a bitch at all. She is not treating you fairly, or like you deserve. At the end of the day, a friend is someone who will add value to your life, and this girl doesn't seem to be doing that. It is possible that this is her first step towards becoming friends again, but I do think that she's going about it the wrong way. If you feel like going to the party would be fun, then go :) But I wouldn't stress about not going, either- she didn't invite you personally, so didn't make it feel like she wanted you there at all.If you do go, just remember that she may be busy with other people, so she may not speak with you. It may be because she is with other people, or because she's shy. If you honestly would like to be friends with her again, maybe speak to her on facebook chat. It's a good first step. But just be careful of friends that make you feel like you're not valued- toxic friendships are worth nobody's time! Good luck! :)

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