Give me some advice?


So i fooled myself into thinking everything was ok. i recently realized its not. while i do have the most amazing girlfriend ever, thats not the problem. she helps me so much, but i just feel empty in other areas. My family is in financial trouble. major financial trouble. i am only fifteen, and still looking for a job this young. my mom tries to tell me i shouldn’t worry about money at my age but because of my brother and sister i really have to. i am looking into getting my hardship license to be able to drive to a job. i dont regret having to mature the way i have but it gets quite stressful. what advice can you offer? just ask if more info is needed.

Category: asked September 30, 2013

3 Answers

The best think you can do to help your family financially is not getting a job. You can try to cut down on how much money your parents give to you, look at programs at school such as free lunches or reduced prices. You can also focus on school and excel so that you can get scholarships for college or reduced price and go to a good college and then get a high paying job to ensure a financially stable life for you and your family. Getting a job now will help a little but will take more away from you than you can give if you focus on school
If it's stressing you out this much then you need to take a break. As much as you feel obliged to help your family, you shouldn't have to worry about it to much at your age. Just focus on school work, friends, etc. Once you've left school is perhaps the time you should look into getting a job, but you really shouldn't have to at this age, especially if it's stressing you out.
Only help I can possibly offer is how stressed out you are. Sometimes working can either stress you greatly out or have the opposite effect- calm you down. The pros of working means you have your own money and you can start being independient which in your case means less expenses for your family and you start to become work wise you could say. Experience for the future. The cons would be more stress and less time. As a side note I have been worrying about money since I was around seven due to the fact I always look at how what I am doing will affect the future. Hope this helps.