Girl’s too young for me. How to move on?


I think I might have a thing for a girl who’s too young for me. She isn’t that young – less than 3 years younger, but I’ll be turning 18 in a few months, and that would lead to legal issues in the state of Pennsylvania. I don’t want to avoid her or become hostile towards her, because she’s done nothing to deserve that. I don’t want to date someone else just to distract myself. How can I keep my mind off of her?

EDIT: She doesn’t know about how I feel. She and I are friends. I’m not asking for advice regarding the girl. I already know that I must not pursue her. I’m asking for advice regarding keeping my mind off of her and moving on.

Category: Tags: asked April 11, 2014

1 Answer

She is not worth potentially losing your freedom. Leave her alone until she is of legal age to consent, then if you still have a connection, pursue it. Until them, tell her the truth; she is too young.