Girls help?


So I’ve been dating my girlfriend for about a year now and I’ve wanted to buy her cute bras or underwear for her but we haven’t really talked about her size. I want to ask her but compared to other girls I’ve dated she’s the smallest in all the places. I don’t want to offend her or anything bc I know she’s an a and has a small butt, but I want to be precise and not get the wrong size. So how do I ask her without me offending her? I know she wouldn’t liked being asked because I asked once, straight forward and she ignored the question. I could tell she was embarrassed to say it.

Category: asked April 2, 2015

3 Answers

Girls don't exactly like it when you ask or fish for their sizes. If she ignored that question, then I'm also not sure how she'd respond to a gift like that. Something like that is quite personal and that's something she probably rather buys on her own in private, where she can pick out what she likes. I think it would be better to give her another gift. If you want a cute gift, go with something a bit more original. You could have a picture of you two printed out on a pillow case or something like that.
What about a gift card for that particular store?
I have big boobs and I hate them, I can never find a bra that fits me that I like. And my boyfriend knows it so instead of trying to buy bras by himself, he took me shopping and helped me look for bras. SO maybe if you want to suggest just taking her out shopping she might like that, yeah then you can't surprise her with something but atleast you know whatever she gets is want fits and she likes it. Or you can be sneaky about it and if you are having sex, then afterwards help her get dressed and when you clip her bra back on look for the tag in the back and look at the size. Just be prepared that bras are about $30 each. But If she isn't comfortable telling you her size then maybe getting her bras might not be the best way to go.