Gift ideas for a 21yr old male?


What’s a good gift to give a 21 year old other than alcohol?

Category: asked May 7, 2014

2 Answers

1. If he is into video game, buy him a new game to add to his collection to give him something else to do besides drinking. or maybe even a new remote to go with his gaming system 2. Humorous t-shirts are always funny, and can be the best laugh in any gift giving event. 3. Tickets to a game or concert that you think he might enjoy 4. There is a party store here in my town, where you can go, and get funny things that are for the age of 21. Maybe you have a party store you could check it out. 5. If alcohol isn't good for you, but he may want a drink than get him a custom made beer mug, or flask. Not sure if you meant no alcohol drink, or no alcohol period, sorry. 6. Buy him a couple of movie tickets so he can see the latest, and greatest movie with his friends. 7. Since he is 21, the idea of getting drunk is there. So why not get him a basket of candy, and sodas. So he can get drunk on sweets. 8. He might need a new case for his phone, or new minutes, or something new for his car, find out something useful he can use that he would like. 9. Have a little get together, and plan a small party with or without alcohol with his closest friends, maybe even family, and just have a fun time. 10. Get him a nice guys bracelet, or a necklace if he is into those kinds of things. 11. Get him a trip to go sky diving 12. camp out in the backyard, and reminisce how it was to be younger, and reflect on what he thinks the future will hold. The sky is the limit, you know this person so you know him best.
Turtle girl is pretty much on point. Any of those things could work! Useful things are much more awesome to a guy than thoughtful ones. I have a laptop and an ex gave me a mouse and I use it all the time! Another friend of mine got me a steering wheel cover and matching car floor mats. If you've got money to shell out, maybe a ps4 or a gift card to something!