getting to know one another!


whats some thing you like about yourself, and something you wish you could change?

well for me: i love my optimistic look on life, it helps me to get back into focus on life, something id want to change… i constantly feel like im not worth anything, like getting invited to places, i think that they dont want me there, or they wouldnt notice i came…. i dunno, it drips back into my past about that, but yea

asked July 14, 2014

4 Answers

i know how you feel about the whole thing were you feel like if you werent there nobody would notice, and if you were there then you would feel out of place. i usually end up feeling like that. one thing i like about myself is my knowledge of music. how i can cheer myself up with my music, or reflect my mood with the music i listen to. one thing i would like to change about me is the fct that im usually always shy. i can probably do something really hilariously stupid or weird in a crowd i dont know but when it comes to hanging out with my friends i barely say anything not wanting to look like a fool.
What I like about myself? I'm easy to get along with. What I wish I could change? I'll start tonight! This would be giving people the benefit of a doubt. I always trust people. We live in a cruel, cruel world. Where many people are not meant to be trusted.I get what you're saying. I get invited to places, and I feel out of place. I think it's because of past betrayals.
I like that I try to be tough against many situations in life (Painfully, not all of them are easily recovered) I would consider myself as a resilient person, knowing how to face adversity. Ironically, the thing that I would change is that sometimes that toughness avoid me getting with some easy going life plans. I like being tough though I would like to be not so much in some situations :)
I like the fact that I'm sensitive and kind and considerate and see people as generally good, and that I like nature, and pretty things.

I'd like to change that I have trouble going with the flow of things and welcoming change into my life, and I get stressed easily and lose sight of what's important to me, and I have trouble making things happen and leave myself in a state of perpetual dreaming.