Getting a puppy with your gf/bf


Do you think getting a puppy with a boyfriend or girlfriend will bring you guys closer or more far apart? Also If you have already done this, how’s your relationship going? This question applies to any pets but puppies ideally.

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Pets are generally seen as a precursor for children. And, it brings out all the good and the bad of the relationship - responsibility, management of time, and handling chaos.

For the sake of the animal be sure to decide who gets the dog in the break up. That person should be the primary care giver of the animal and spend the most money on it.

I can say when we brought a new pet into our relationship it became stronger. We both had a neutral third party for us to talk to and talk about. It was also company when the other was gone.
I rescued a kitten with my ex. He planned to keep it at first but his tune quickly changed as the break turned more sour. I took the kitten and he has a great home. To me thats all that matters. And of course. When we became "friends" the kitten was a good relief factor.
My ex and I got a rescue cat because he constantly talked about getting a cat. I wasn't a cat lover. I prefer dogs and other pets...but not cats.Anyway, we pick up this beautiful cat at the rescue, and we bring her home. I was pregnant at the time as well. I ended up taking care of this cat that he insisted in wanting to get for the both of us. I thought he would take care of her as in changing her litter, changing her water, feeding her and grooming her. No. I got stuck with caring for her all the way. Especially since pregnant women are not supposed to be around cat litter.I learned to love her. She's such a sweetie! I did it all. I was in an abusive relationship so I ended up kicking him out and keeping the cat. Haha!
They show off the real "you" if you know what I mean. They may say "Oh, you can trust me with the animal", but they don't really care enough to take care of them. It brings you together, and shows you if the relationship will really work out. So yes, I would adopt a pet, (in your case a dog) Best of luck and wishes!!!