Get rid of a pervert???


I want to get rid of this pervert. Get rid as in, I want him to go away.
This guy makes me the most uneasy person around. He is my age, and all he talks/thinks about is sex. He jokes about wanting blowjobs from me and jokes about wanting to “do” me when he knows I have 0% interest in him.

Now I can’t take this to any teachers or anything because he’s gotten caught before. And nothing happened.

Today he told me that if I die, he wants to have sex with my dead body, bottle my soul, and make me watch as he jerks off to a picture of me every night.

Now that makes me sick to my stomach…what do I do?

Tags: asked November 10, 2014

3 Answers

Report all of this to your guidance counselor- it's his/her job to take these situations VERY seriously. If it's not taken seriously or it doesn't resolve the guy's reprehensible behavior, I would advise you to bring this issue to your parents and the police. You have the right to go to school without feeling violated!
Make a police report..that's sexual harassment and it's illegal. If you can get a recording of him making the remarks even better, also I'm sure your not the only one he's doing this too. You should continue to badger a teacher about this. If not got to someone else another teacher or principle. But don't let this creep keep harassing you. Next time he's bothering you yell, LEAVE ME ALONE PERVERT really loudly so everyone can hear, and move anyway. People around you will soon learn this guy is creepy and may come to your defense, and you'll get more back up once an investigation is underway.
He sounds like a deviant and is doing it to get under your skin and bother you. If you do not feel comfortable with his negative behavior tell someone who can take care of the situation, or if you do not want to take that route get on his level and try to scare him away however you want to do that.. Make him think you are messed up in the head and he will leave you alone.