Gaining Confidence


I don’t feel confident a lot of times so it is hard for me do get motivated to do things I want to do…….but I also know that I need to do things and practice things to gain confidence….any tips for getting going and not doubting myself so much? Also……I want to find a girl that likes me…..but every girl I become interested in either doesn’t like me back or already has a boyfriend….not to mention I am shy and am often tongue-tied and unsure of what to say.

Category: asked June 14, 2014

2 Answers

What you describe sounds pretty much universal to me, but there is no one solution that works for everyone. Here are some questions you can ask yourself that may lead you to a better understanding of yourself and possibly a way out of your stalemate: - Are you lacking motivation or are you afraid of failing? - Do you have low self-confidence or are you feeling sorry for yourself? - Are you looking for a girlfriend or for an unrealistic conception of one? - Are you tongue-tied or are you afraid of letting go of yourself? I've had to ask myself these questions and although it can hurt your pride, I found it very helpful. Please feel free to disregard my post if you don't like it.
Dude, I know you're awesome and you will always be awesome. Always think positive! You should always think that everything you do will have a good or better result. I don't pretty much know why you feel doubtful, but always think that if you ever fail, it's normal and you can do it again. And about having a girlfriend: if you really like someone but they don't like you back. It's simple, be friends with her. For all I know some girls like guys not only because of their looks but their personality too. Maybe they will like you back, and if you like a girl and she has a boyfriend. You need to wait for her. Don't be impatient because you will get her in the right time. Hope I helped. :)