Future druggie?? D:


Hi guys, so I have a problem.. I’m a person who switches obsessions, I’ve been obsessed with many things, death, BDSM, mental health… And now the current obsession is DRUGS. Yes, drugs.. I’m so scared.. Okay let me explain this obsession and clear a few things;

- NO I am not tempted to try them because of peer pressure, I don’t even know anyone who does them
- NO I’ve never tried them
- YES I’m worried about my future because of this
- YES I am a LIIITLE tempted, but I think I can control myself
- I am 14 if that helps

Now the basics are cleared I’ll try to summary it up..
It started maybe 2 weeks ago I was always making weed jokes, and I found them so funny and was always talking about it, and now it’s come to the point where I’m so curious about this that I’ve been watching science videos about how drugs work and experience videos, IT’S JUST SO INTERESTING, but it scares me :/ Yes I actually do want to try the safe ones like weed and shrooms but I’m DEFINETLY not planning for that until like in what.. 10 years? Whenever my life is stable and I can’t do much to fuck up? Or never? I’m just so scared that what if in college I’ll get addicted and fuck up my life and get disowned by my mother!? I just feel so trapped…I hate this.. But even if I really wanted them our country is small so there aren’t really any dealers which is good.. But, help me guys.. I do not wanna become like Miley Cyrus or Amanda Bynes, I do not wanna be a pothead or a teen that gets so high on Molly that she gets pregnant… IS this obsession NORMAL in teen years? By obsession I just mean researching it a lot and a LITTLE tempted to try it but fully aware of whats going on and keeping caution?
Sorry for the long question, I’m just.. Super scared, for my future, and college, I need to get this obsession out of my mind.. I just don’t know where to start.. :(

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Don't do drugs. Keep it simple.
Stay away from drugs. They are body damaging and addictive. However, it appears you have some habits from your drug that can be made into a positive healthy habit. You said you found the drugs' effects interesting on the body. Try looking up biology oriented videos, where you can find out cool facts about people and perhaps how to even help people with the issue one day. Based upon your writing, (though I cannot and will not diagnose you), you seem to be very anxious. Try talking to some one about your anxiety around the subject, (talk to a close relative or a professional therapist), and they will know exactly how to handle the situation based on your needs.
Awwww... fun how this turned out
Been curious, especially when you are a young person, is common and normal. Now, from my point of view, if you are worried that you might be addicted to drugs, you can do some things to prevent that. One is to be as informed as you can (you are already doing that!). Search as much information as you can (be sure that you are obtaining this information from reliable sources), and learn about all of the effects that drugs have in the human body. The more you know, the more you can prevent. Another thing to do is to take care of your mental health as much as you can. A healthy mind is stronger to addictions, and you won't feel the need to consume them. Finally, talk about this to a person you trust, and seek for profesional help if you feel that this need is uncontrolable. Stay strong Uni, you can do it! <3