From friends to lovers to friends again?


We were friends at first. Then went on to become lovers. But now were just ‘friends’ again. Well that’s for her, but I want her more than a friend. I stayed and I made her stay cause I couldn’t let her go away. I want her to stay cause she’s the only one who showed some kind of interest in me in some way. I don’t want her to go. Not her too. I couldn’t let her go even though she makes me sad cause she’s was the only one that made me happy. But all I want for her is to be happy. Even if it means I have to let her go. And the sadder thing is it’s like we didn’t happen. She tried to push me away cause its the only way for ME to get over her. It’s like she didn’t even have to move on. It makes me feel so unimportant. How do I stop this heart from loving too much?

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1 Answer

You need to stop relying on her to validate your feelings. You need to ask yourself some questions. What is it about her that I admire so much? Aren't I capable of the things I admire about her? Don't I have the ability to do more?

You don't need anyone to make you feel more special. You can do that on your own. The very fact that you expressed your feelings on this site suggests that you're someone worth listening to.

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