Friendship blowout


i am not sure how to put this but me and my best friend got into a very big fight in a long time and it was about who knew more on health and who was smarter and rarely, i let her win, but only because i was sick about her telling me she knows how t oeat properly and her parents are health specialists and body builders. so i just gave up because she might have the peers around with the knowledge but it was how much of that knowledge we use and i said all my knowledge i did with my food and all. but she was still correcting me and i was kind of glad it was on messeges because she said she would have slapped me and i would have punched her and i don’t want to hurt her. Now my best friend was always the smarter one, prettier one, healthier one, did the things she loved and i am here playing some sport i don’t like and doing things i can not find the love for. Part of the argument was who was more depressed now we have been going on about this for a few weeks, and she said she has had a therapist and a perscribed medication and test results on depression but i also have depression (sad to admit) but i need therapy, and i know but i don’t know how i can tell my parents about it and medication.What she does is making herself look skinny by force puking and i started to cut and know i don’t know what to do. please help

Tags: asked June 18, 2015

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Friends whouldnt be in a competition cuz thats now how friendship works . If you two just trying to proof to each other who is better then at the end what is the point of it if the one wining will make the other feel awfull. You should be suporting each other and exchance wisdom instend of making it a competition. You just have to be yourself and not let her or anybody else tell you whats right cuz you already know whats right . Try avoiding those confersation that put you in arguments . Just cut it if you feel that she is puting you down ask her to stop and say you dont wanna talk about it . Now depression is hard there is difrent stages and diffrent kinds. If you really think you need medical advice and antidepressants then you really do have to talk to your perants if you are underage but if older then you can take it in your hands . First thing avoid people that yelling and putting you down cuz it wont coused any better .. to relax you can start of with drinkinging drinking green tea as easy as it sounds it really can help relive stress and make you feel relax . Everyday you wake up just tell your self you can do it cuz deep inside you know you can and if you need someone to talk to you can msg me i be honest i went trough depression without medical advice and i know how it feels. The best cure for it might be right above your head .. a hug a shouder to cry on . Dont make depression a competiotion with your best friend . You two should be there for each other to get out from it not to put each ither down . Also remember that selfharm wont help or get you anywhere it might just make you feel relive for a while but after it guilt comes and your mind will feel paralized. Choclolate helps it brings that little happiness back . Tack care girl :) keep smiling