Well I don’t have many.. I have like two left.
Anyways… None of them ever seem to want to talk to me. It’s always up to me to have to gather them up to hang out or up to me to call them… They rarely ever do it first, and it just makes me wonder if they really don’t want to talk to me y’know. I really don’t want to ask ’cause I don’t want to start something or offend them… But I don’t know what to do..

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2 Answers

There are various reasons why they may not be the first to initiate contact. Maybe they are just simply quiet types who wait to be contacted. It may be worth simply asking them straight out. At least you will know the true situation. I had 'friends' like this in High School and my experience was that they didn't dislike me or want to avoid me, but just that they weren't close enough to me to really care if they saw me or not.If they are not your real friends, best to know and be able to move on and make new friends (which is always possible).
This happens to me as well, just try to confront them and say that you really enjoy hanging out with them. What you should do is tell them one thing about them that you like. People will want to hang out with you more if you make them feel more positively about themselves.