Friend has suicidal thoughts and depression


I have a friend from my previous city 300+ miles away, and he’s dealing with depression. Whenever he gets triggered (which is really easy to do) he starts getting really suicidal thoughts, and he tells me he’s tried to kill himself many times. He’s overdosed (didnt work), tried drowning(someone saved him), tried hanging himself(rope snapped), cut himself( fainted before too much blood loss).
He tells me that there’s voices in his head telling him to go die and that he’s worthless trash, and those voices are quite mean.
I really want to help him, but I’m running out of things to say. Over the internet i try to be optimistic and comfort him, and confirm that he is not trash, that he is absolutely amazing, and i tell him not to push himself too hard. But as i do that he continuees taking more pills.
He is especially worrisome at night, as he has trouble sleeping at nigt and he thinks about things he shouldnt be thinking about.
Last time i was on a trip with him, i found him in his room crying while everyone else was at the dance, and honestly It was terrible i didn’t know what to say to him face to face so all i did was hugged him and petted his head.
I’ve suggested he go to therapy but he can’t afford it and he doesnt want his family to worry, and honestly im at a lost end because I don’t know how comforting i can be anymore because everytime i talk to him i can only negate his negative feelings and tell him the same line that he’s not trash.
I don’t know what to say/do anymore please help

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I think you need to take care of yourself too. It's okay to admit that is over your head and that your friend needs professional help. I know you said therapy wasn't an option due to cost but I know that you can call this hotline and it's an agency that specifically counsels people over the phone: 212-673-3000 The Samaritans: into it and hang in there. :)
I recommend that you either tell his family or dial a suicide hotline in your area. I know he probably will not like that, but if you feel it's getting to the point that he is going to kill himself, it is of upmost importance that you tell someone, whether it'd be his family or a number. (I recommend you call the number though, they're professionals and they'll help you and your friend.) You can call a suicide hotline number in your area *Just look it up on google* Or you can call the number luvs25 gave you*
I complete agree with what everyone has said. You can only help him if you get professional help for him. You don't have the training or experience dealing with people who in such a dark painful place to the point they want to end their lives. I really urge you to call that suicide hotline and importantly get help for yourself. This is taking and continue to take a toll on you too.
In all honest I think your friend could be strugging with the mental disorder of schizophrenia. It is not a bad thing once treated coming from someone who suffers with it also. I also think that you should call his family and tell them whats going on... just be careful who you tell and how you tell them. If you would like any help message me I will be glad to help and give more info on the mental disorder
I agree with what everyone suggested, but I also agree with the previous comment. I suggest you find a way to contact his parents to get him checked for schizophrenia, as I have two friends with it. He may not have it, but by what you've said, it sure sounds like it. Here's an article about schizophrenia in case you don't fully understand what it is.