Forced into doing something I dislike.


Hello everyone, essentially my career has not gone according to play. I am not where I thought it would be, and I am currently faced with doing what I hate. It is humiliating, I am berated a lot and I feel so worthless. How is it possible to put up doing this?

Category: asked April 5, 2013

2 Answers

Without knowing what you do and what your background is, it is difficult to comment. As a general rule of thumb, work is a compromise between your talent and integrity,and the desire to take home a paycheck. You need to judge where it falls on the balance and how badly you have been affected by this.
A job is just a means to make a living if it is humiliating look for a different job. If your career isn't going the way you want it too just try to stick it out maybe it will happen. If not try a different career choice?