Fitness help?


I went to a clothing store today.
Long story short, I liked a lot of clothes. Realized none of them would look nice on me in particular. Leave the store with a new pair of jogging shoes, because I’ve had enough of being insecure about my weight.

Here’s my problem:
I know very little on working out and dieting.
I’m planning on jogging for maybe 30 minutes a day, and dieting, maybe a little exercise in between, but I’m all out just for losing a good twenty pounds. I understand jogging is cardiovascular, which helps you lose weight all over, but I really want to focus on losing a few inches off of my waist. I have an apple body type, so I’m thinking maybe jogging will help me lose weight + bulk my legs a little so my body looks a little more even. I’m actually pleased with what my legs look like right now, it’s just my waist I wish I could shrink. So, what could I do to build my legs and shrink my waist?

And water. What does water do for me? I’ll try to drink as much as I can day to day, but I’m not sure if I’m going to just be adding “water weight” if I do that.

Also, what foods should I avoid? Is skipping meals okay? I could skip school lunch. I don’t like it very much. And breakfast was never too important for me.

I’m 14.
I’m probably somewhere between 130-145 pounds.
5’3 ½

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Also, don't skip meals. It's actually really good to eat 5 small meals a day to keep your metabolism up. Stay away from high carbs, high sodium, and sugars. Meats and green vegetables are best.
Jogging definitely seems like a good idea, as long as you stretch before a jog and don't over-do it, it's a healthy way to get fit :)The more water you drink, the more likely you are to actually lose water weight. I know that sounds crazy, but I think it's because you're putting more liquid through your system, so you're expelling more because your body realises it doesn't need to store it. It's important to drink plenty of water anyway!Skipping meals is a terrible idea because it will kill your energy levels and make you tired and unable to focus, and also slow down your metabolism, meaning that your body will start to store more fat, etc. and it will become a lot more difficult to lose any weight.Whatever you do, do it safely, don't risk your health. :)
From what I've learned on my own dieting adventures is don't expect a change overnight. That was my hardest thing to accept. Next, you have to burn off more calories than you take in. I think it's 3500 calories equal 1 pound, so technically you'd have to burn 3500 calories per week in order to lose a pound. It sounds crazy but there's tons you can do for exercise. Personally, I look up free yoga classes on YouTube, or dance around my house while I do chores, or jump rope. Good luck and stay strong... I know you can do it!
Well there is no way to just lose weight around your waist, I would suggest dieting, do not skip any meals that will slow down your metabolism, drink plenty of water because that will reduce water weight, read Charile's comment. Stay away from and sugars and refined carbs. Protein and vegetables are best. Drink a glass of water before each meal so you feel more full.For working out I would suggest do the jogging, but also for helping in the waist area doing planks are good, do them for about 1:30 if you can. Push-ups strengthen your body and also use up some calories. Interval training is good for you, do some research on that, try walking to school if you get a ride. And look into more resistance training stuff if you need more exercises, I hope that helps, if you need more info you can private message me.
To get in to shape the best thing to do is eat right. Make sure not to skip a meal because if you do work out it is necessary that you eat. One good way to work out is to try to join and sport, my school is very small so we don't have to try out. If you don't make the team it is ok. Start running and jogging, make sure to drink plenty of water. It is going to be hard at first but it will get easier. There are articles in the Addison papers about working out I read them check it out. I wish you luck but I know it is kind of cliché but it does not matter what you look like it is what is inside. Also if you ever wish that you looked like a model or other girl that are really small they are built and have a different bone structure, I am not sure how you are built but that is one thing that you can not change.
I have two wonderful pieces of advise.

1. Couch 2 5k
You should be able to find an app for it absolutely anywhere, I swear there's at least 10 on Android. What it is is a structured program so that you can learn to run 5km without stopping at the end of it.
It allows you to track your time, track and distance - so you can gauge your progress.
Basically while you're running it gives you instructions, warm-up jog, run, walk, half-way there, cool-down etc. It allowed me to push myself so much further and to actually enjoy running, because I wasn't just running 5 minutes flat out and dying, plus feeling crappy for not doing half an hour.
Listen to music, get outside, it really is invigorating!

2. MyFitnessPal
Some people don't like it, but I swear by it. It is basically a calorie tracker that has apps and a website. It provides you with a goal calorie amount that gives you a calorie deficit of 500kCal per day (3500kCal for the week = 1lb). It allows you to track vitamins and minerals, salt, macro nutrients, water intake etc.
I find it a lot easier than guessing if I'm eating enough and as you learn more it becomes easier to make good choices. It is very much about not starving yourself, it encourages you to track your exercise calories and to eat them back. Because the deficit is already built in to what you eat, being able to use those extra calories from exercise help you to put on muscle, train for big events, and offset a birthday splurge or too.
For me, having the numbers and knowing that I will be lighter than I was the week before was amazingly motivating and putting what I eat into the calculator made me accountable and more aware. My favourite thing about it is that you can input a recipe and find out the calories per serve, so I had all my own recipes for healthy meals and knew exactly what I was putting in my mouth each day.

Anyway, whatever works for you is all that matters. Get outside, get running, eat those veggies and you will feel more toned, more healthy and you will glow!
I lost weight about 20 points by jogging 30 minutes for like 2 or 3 months and it really shrinks your waist if more then anything! Your muscle tone will be fabulous! its hard to get in the habit but if you will acheive your goals. NEVER skip a meal . it slows your metabilism . making you want to eat bigger meals. it makes you loose tons of energy especially if you are excercising. Also lots of water will help. And who cares about water weight or weight at all. focus on inches measure you waist and track your health by doing that. If you gain muscle mass then you will probably gain some weight also. Water is a good thing and tbh really keeps you on track. hope this helped good luck :)
Alright, let's get a little scientific here... Your weight doesn't matter. Your Body Mass Index does. I'm guessing 140 lbs and 5'3", so your BMI is 24.8 (being 25 overweight and 18.5 underweight). So you're not "fat". Exercise does help, dieting can be super easy or super complicated, and both works just fine. You can lose 20 lbs (would make you enter the "perfect body" weight), but, ironically, if you lose 25 lbs, you'll go "out" of the perfect body weight and get closer to the underweight line.About Diet and Water: Don't go crazy with it. You need to speed up your metabolism, not slow it down (which means, you need to eat more, not less, weird but truth). You need to eat 5 times a day. Really SMALL portions. And eat AS SOON as you wake up. This will keep your body "working" into digestion (so you'll lose waist line! That exist when you DON'T EAT OFTEN, so your body has a "fat saving" for ensurance). You can (and should) eat anything you want, but remember, you need to eat and finish the 5 meals in a way that when you finish the plate YOU'RE STILL HUNGRY.Do NOT drink soda. It's just bad sugar. Eat up to two liters of water per day (8 glasses). Drink 2 times that and you'll get "water belly" and you'll pee A LOT. If you jog for half hour a day, your body will get "well shaped" in a month of two.Another good tip: Do NOT look at your weight every day. Only every month, so you'll "feel" the difference and won't think so much about it. Do try to have fun while jogging (listen to music, enjoy the view, have a friend with you) and good luck!
Hmm I've been on this journey like all my adult life. & you've received good advice. Truth be told you're gonna obsess about your weight if you gain 1lb & obsess about it if you lose 1lb. If you eat out at the fast food places give them up totally or only eat the salads & the fruit. Ditch sodas, don't skip meals you'll put your body in fat storing mode that way; do drink @ least 2 liters of water, yoga in the morning or exercise in the morning will help cause keeps you going all day. Did I say DO NOT skip meals. My favorite exercise is on the elliptical machine. But if you don't have that power walk! Arms moving legs moving FAST. Hmm jogging never helped me to shred my middle. I know people are against them but using waist trimmer or sauna belt did that. I mean not magic but in 6 weeks I had LESS muffin top. In 3 months of power walking, eating well, drinking water & no sugar (except for coffee & natural sugar in fruits) I was down 15lbs. Always eat healthy even if it's shrinking your portions & adding extra veggies instead of double potatoes. has great resources Best of luck!