First day of school


I’m starting senior year tomorrow, I shouldn’t be nervous but I am and I can’t help it. I just feel nervous and anxious. Is there anyways for me not to feel so nervous and anxious for school tomorrow?

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3 Answers

Why shouldn't you be nervous? Senior year is a big deal! Don't tell yourself what you should and shouldn't feel because there is no right and wrong to feelings. Any emotion you feel is completely normal, especially having the nerves for school. Telling yourself that you shouldn't be nervous is probably driving your nerves even higher up the wall. Practice something called mindfullness, which is the act of accepting your thoughts and feelings for what they are, and not judging them. Judging your thoughts and feelings is in turn, judging yourself, and it doesn't make you feel any better. Also try to do things that you know help you relax, such as music, reading, watching a movie, writing, art, meditation, or just a calm activity to help your mind slow down. Reeaaallly practice on not judging your thoughts and feelings, or as I like to say, "Stop should-ing on yourself!" Do a little bit of research on mindfullness practice because it will really help you out, not just for tonight, but every day for the rest of your life. It has solved many of my anxiety and stress issues but it can take some practice. They key is just to remember the simple principles of letting yourself feel your feelings because its okay to feel everything. Even if it is anger, sadness, stress, or depression, these are all normal feelings that actually NEED to be felt, just not judged or acted upon. Hope you take this into consideration and try to have fun at school instead of stressing out about it :)
The first day of school will be like almost every other first day, be it your first date, day at work, moving to another town or country... It's okay to feel nervous, that is only normal, but think of the experiences and people you will meet. Things you will go through. Some may be tough, some may be fun. At the end of the day, anxiety and nerves are all in the head. Face the day with a strong smile and look forward to the positive events! If its the social situation youre stressed about... Well you just have to remember to be yourself! That's what will find you the best people and most memorable things.
Senior year is one of the most nerve wrecking year ever but it's also fun. You will have all of these exams and last projects and work to do but you will also have times where it's relax. Underclassmen envy you and would love to be in your spot. By next year it will all be over with and you will officially be done with school unless you plan on going to college. I would suggest that you try your best to take one school day at a time. Enjoy your last year as much as possible. Good luck!