Finding myself again?


Okay so I have three of my best friends. I love them to death and they love me to death.

Its just sometimes I feel like I dont know what to say. We all sit together at lunch and they will talk and I just don’t know how to join in. Then of course they ask if Im ok and such. I dont know anymore. Especially if its one on one with just one of my friends. I just dont know what to talk about.

I feel like since last year I dont know who I am anymore. I dont know who I am so I cant exactly be myself, can I?
I really want to be my old self again (I used to be fun and crazy and confident, and had great connections with people.)
How do I become the great person I was again?

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3 Answers

This issue doesn't mean you're not a great person. Everyone, once in their lives, faces the dilemma of not knowing who they are, what they are, and where they are. I think the most important aspect of finding yourself is knowing exactly what and who you want to be. And then sticking to this beliefs and having hope, believing that although many obstacles will undoubtedly appear, you can get past them. Just have faith. You are still a great person, and you don't ever need to change for the sake of anyone. But if you truly want to change, for yourself, then set your goals and you'll achieve everything you want to.
Good luck :)
What happened last year? Something caused you to start feeling this way. Contemplate that and then maybe you'll feel comfortable discussing it with others.
you should all go on a road trip together and you should let go of yourself and say whatever first comes to your mind. you should totally go bunji jumping or do something liberating, risky and awesome. You'll feel free and back to yourself. you can also talk to someone about everything that's going on in your life, take them out for coffee or something and tell them how you feel and why you feel that way. They know you best and they'll probably point out some things that weren't clear to you. Wish you luck sweetie.