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I’m a teenager and many of the people around me disagree with who I am becoming. My parents are supportive of anything I want to do as long as I’m not doing something terrible. But people like my grandparents, teachers and those other adults in my life hate what I am becoming. I am becoming the person I want to be I think. I have come out as being bi recently and gotten some less traditional piercings, I have also cut my hair short and dyed it. Finally I am becoming comfortable in my own skin but I am getting a lot of hate from the people around me. I was just wondering if I should keep down this path of self discovery at the expense of the approval for those around me.

Category: asked December 14, 2014

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I think that as long as you are going in the direction that YOU want, everyone else around you shouldn't matter. Most people who disapprove are probably just super traditional or jealous of your happiness/self discovery. I wouldn't stop what you're doing. We generally don't become our entire self until about age 25, so you're always going to be finding things out! Keep at it, don't worry about everyone else. After all, your parents are supportive and that is awesome and pretty much all you need!
No matter what you do, there will always be someone who disapproves. So as long as you're happy, that's all that really matters. Quoting Dr.Seuss, "Those Who Mind Don't Matter, and Those Who Matter Don't Mind. "
I think if you do things to gain others' approval, life becomes more like a chore and it's hard to know what YOU want. Do your research about piercing and what metals to put in your body. And try to empathize and understand where your naysayers are coming from when they tell you what you should do (I imagine they are giving you advice because they care about you and want the best for you but they don't really know what makes YOU tick) then make your own decision :)
I think it is awesome that you have the support of your parents. So many people I talk to are afraid of what their folks will think.

I think that you should consider what they are telling you. Ask why they think that way. If there is a sound reason as to what they think, for example personal safety or hygiene then perhaps you should at least consider what they mean. If it is for anything else like status quot and to fit in or because "ya'll youngin's and all yer thrashin metal about ready to make me pacemaker quit," then consider the source and move on with your self discovery, you don't need that negativity. Completely blowing their opinion off is rude. Yes you should do what you want with your body, after all you have to live in it, but if you want those people to at least listen to you later then you have to at least hear them out now. I always recommend self-discovery.

"It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable." Socrates.