Most of the time i can’t feel happiness. I can’t express my happiness in some way, but I can feel the sadness. And the times when I’m happy, I still look sad. I have my feelings bottled up in myself for my whole life (like, I never told any guy I like him or never told someone about my problems). And I have mood swings too. But I can never express my happiness. Help me.

Category: asked February 26, 2015

3 Answers

It's not good to keep things bottled up. You can try to let your feelings out bit by bit. It's okay to admit when you're not okay. Try to take someone in trust to share how you feel. You'll feel relieved once you're able to let things out a bit.
Well it seems you might have some issues that corresponds to your overall mood and it does cloud your mind even if you are happy, if you need someone to talk to about this more specifically you can always shoot me a message but if you need personal one and one talk to talk I'd advised going to a counsellor. If that's not something you find would help I would just advise you to try and write poetry or even do something that you like that expresses yourself and the mood you're in. I know when I feel upset with my day I usually channel my anger into music that suits the frustration I have and I usually feel alot better afterwards and I don't need to even talk to anyone. There are endless things you can do to try and express happiness but as long as you can say you are happy then that's all that matters.
Sometimes, people just don't know why they are upset; or even they forget why. They just know they are.I always felt like something was missing from me, like everyone else has *it* but I was overlooked. I never understood what it was, what was missing? Why couldn't I be like everyone else? Why can't I function like everyone else.Then, a handful of years ago, I found out what it is: I was born with only one ovary and the tube that its supposed to go through is crushed. My estrogen levels are low because of it and for a lot of my life, I never felt like a real female. It also didn't help the fact that my mom told me most of my life that only whore wear make up, dresses/skirts, and high heels. She ensured that I knew she felt that I was fat. Every chance she could bring it up. You.Are.Fat.That's what I heard most of my life.Regardless, I still love her. And when she was passing; I told her thank you for being my mom. I understand English wasn't her first language and she was a lot better than her own parents so I give her credit for being less of an asshat than her parents were to her.So that's why I was never happy - I'm not truly content even now at 34 but I am trying. Just as we all are.I do recommend speaking to someone about how you're feeling though. Whether its here or an actual professional. An outlet of some sort is good too - as long as it doesn't break the law of course! Doesn't have to be art; it could be sports. As long as it makes you feel accomplished and focused.