Feeling empty with a dash of BDP (Possibly)?


I think I may be self-diagnosing. I have many traits that are directly related to BPD. The anger, emptiness, impulsivity. I want to change myself every time I see someone better than me, or what I think is better than me. Can anyone please talk to me about their experiences with BPD. I want to know personal experiences dealing with this illness. I’m worried about my personal relationships, especially with my boyfriend.

Category: Tags: asked September 12, 2014

1 Answer

Hi there. So, I just wanted to say, it's okay to look into what you think you may have, but using just a self-diagnosis may still affect your personal relationships. If you're that worried about them, aren't they worried about you? It could be you're just thinking too much on your actions because you're feeling guilty. If not, then (I'm sorry, I'm not trying to be insensitive) you should see a doctor, a councillor, etc. I would talk to your boyfriend, parents or friends (whichever is most reliable for support), and see their reaction to what you're saying/experiencing.

Please understand I'm saying this because, if you're self-diagnosing to the point that you haven't spoken with anyone about it (or you've had arguments in your personal relationships about it and are now scared to approach anyone), and are looking for ways to 'deal' with the illness, you may actually have mis-diagnosed yourself and be missing out on a real treatment option!

Either way, I hope you can get a better idea from others, but don't use this as a final step if you have other options, but rather a gateway. You may be surprised at how much support you can get! All the best etc.