Feeling Controlled.



So i have a best friend. I love her to pieces and dont want to loose her. we’ve been friends for over 6 years now but recently i’ve been feeling so controlled by her. Like i cant do what i want to do IN FEAR of her getting mad and upset with me. I’ve turned down a lot of things i would’ve liked to do because i was scared she would hate me if i went on with those activities. Sometimes i dont have a choice and she still gets mad. I dont understand what i am doing wrong? She hasnt been like this all these years. What should i do?

Tags: asked May 31, 2015

1 Answer

I really really think you should have a proper, sit down talk. Like, explain what you're feeling and ask her if there's anything wrong. It's best to talk it out and sort out your issues.TBH I used to feel this way about an old friend... and well, I wasn't able to tell her how I felt, that the friendship was beginning to, uhm, strangle me. I just started avoiding being with her so I wouldn't feel as though I was constantly walking on eggshells and then, well, we had a subtle falling out, something I regretted because I really did care about her. I really wouldn't wish that on you, so I really think you should talk it out.Good luck! :)