Feeling confused… Help?


My boyfriend has told me that he still loves his ex and that he’s not sure if he loves me or not but he wants to work through this. He recently told me that he has realized that he does love me but still loves her. We are working through it, but Idk if it’s worth it. Help me understand what i should do about it. I do love him.

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hi. I didnt think it was possible to "be in love" with 2 people at the same time...till it happened to me. If you love your bf, and if he is willing to work on it with you, give it a try. You are very young right now. If you really love him, it may be worth it in the end. But if you think its not working out, or his behavior towards you has changed a lot, I think you should consider walking out.
Have you ever heard that saying, "If you love something let it go. If it returns, it was meant so."? Well I always applied that saying to guys that I was dating and weren't sure if they wanted to be with me or not.
Point is, you are young and you can't just wait around for a guy to make up his mind between you and his ex. While you are going through this you are probably missing out on meeting your soulmate. I say, let him go, give him space, let him make up his mind ALONE . Yes you do love him and it will probably tear you up inside to do this but it will benefit the both of you.
He has been working his butt off to make me happy, he really wants this to work. Thank you for making things a little clearer.
Oh? That's up to him.