Fear that my friends won’t accept me.


I’m bisexual, and I’ve been bisexual for 3-4 years now, but I haven’t told a some of my friends because I’m afraid they’ll see me differently. Should I tell them?

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I think the most important part of any situation like this is to make sure you feel comfortable before you tell them. Understand that not everyone is going to accept something like that. Honestly, though, if someone walks away from being friends with you over something as small as that, then I'd find it hard to say that they were ever your "friend" at all. Overall, I'd say just be careful, understand the potential consequences and don't do anything until you're completely comfortable coming out to them.
if they really love you they will suport you.
I was in the same situation. I'm a lesbian and was terrified to tell anyone, long story short, I told a few friends, and they couldn't have been more supportive. If they don't support you, they shouldn't have the privilege to call themselves your friend at all, and it's their loss. All in all, tread lightly, and try to find out where they currently stand in their views on different sexualities. It's your choice to decide if you're ready to tell them or not. Best of wishes.
When I came out, I knew beforehand that some people just won't see me the same, because of religious beliefs or anything. I made my peace with it, and came out with open arms. Some people stayed and loved me even more for being who I really am with them, some just couldn't put a personality trait of mine into their mindset. It's ok that some people won't be there after you come out. The sooner you become ok with that, the better for you. the easier it will be for you.
I agree with CMacAttack,but also you should maybe somehow ask them,not directly,but just to find out their attatude about that-how would they feel if someone from the group is not heterosexual..
I agree with the people above. You should first make sure you feel comfortable. If you think you are ready, you should start by telling your best of friends. If they are truely your friends they won't let anything change and be super supportive.