Fear of time going too fast


Ever since I graduated from community college last week, I’ve been afraid of a lot of things regarding the future lately. But I realize that it all stems from the fact that I can’t help but time is just moving too fast. The worst part is I hear that it goes by faster as we get older. I mean one moment I was starting my last year in community college and next thing I know, I’m 22 now and just got done there. Now, I fear that fact because the next thing I’ll now, my friends will go away from my life, I’ll get old, and I don’t know what to do about it. I need to ask everyone here because this is something I really could use some help on, and I want to believe that time flows equally for everyone and every age, but how do you people deal with this?

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People come and go, that's how life is. But try to stay in touch with your friends, or even go out and meet new people! It'll be fun plus also you can find more friends who share your interests.
I think as things happen in your life, you'll learn to deal with them... so when you're 25 you'll be learning to deal with the things that happen to you in your mid-twenties... by the time you're forty, you'll be in a place where you can learn how to deal with the things that happen then.It's true that friends come and go, but there will always be people you love in your life and they'll be able to support you through things that happen to you, as well.
Time is man-made concept. Keep that in mind. Time does not exist. Do not misunderstand me, clocks exist, but time does not. You do not see squirrels worrying about their next appointment, or deer panicking about whos birthday it is tomorrow. You mustn't worry about it. Life is the longest thing anybody can do. Do not worry about time. Take a moment to breathe. Watch the sunset, take days off, play in the snow, sleep in every chance you get. Do not look at the clock unless you have to. And I mean HAVE to, not just an urge. No matter what happens the seasons will still change and the sun will still rise. You may lose friends, but you will gain more! And the ones who are meant to stay, will. You'll find someone who make hours feel like days and you'll love every second of it. You are 22 years old. Your life is waiting for you. So go out there and get it, and know that whether its tomorrow or next year, it's still your life and you have PLENTY of moments to spend it in. Good luck and have fun! xx
I'm in the same situation. I'm also 22 and about to graduate. A lot of my friends seem to have things sorted out - Jobs arranged, getting married or travelling. I never had many friends in university (usually too busy bouncing around from boyfriend to boyfriend) but I've kept in touch with friends from high school. Again, my high school friends are very successful and all seem to be working abroad or doing something exciting and I feel the pressure to do the same. There are a few things that I have to remind myself about to stop from stressing out:
1) Money is a means to an end. Do not worry about trying to get a job that pays a lot if you have to sacrifice your happiness to do so. Money is only used to help boost your happiness and therefore if you have to choose between money and happiness - choose happiness.
2) One of my lectures only got his PhD a few years ago and he is in his 60s. It is never too late to pursue something. There is a lot of pressure to do everything now, when you are young, but don't forget - we have a lot of time left to do everything we want.
3) The journey is just as important as the destination. Don't focus too much on getting a high-flying job, or getting married or getting a particular qualification - because you will miss all the fun leading up to that! The things you learn and the opportunities that you find while you are pursuing a particular goal can lead your life in a totally different direction, but it can actually be better than your original plan (speaking from experience here!).
Hope this helps!
My number one tip is to not compare your life with anyone else's. This is extremely difficult, but worth some effort. I've been out of college for four years, I'm turning 26 in two months and know what I'm doing right now? Serving tables and I'm engaged. That's it, and I'm okay with it. I know I'll get it figured out- just not today. Don't think about the time for what it is, but more the memories and lessons you have learned during it. I know that at 25 and even 18, I thought I had it figured out and I realized that, nobody has it figured out! You still learn and love and laugh at 30 and 60 and 80. Life is supposed to be wonderful and you have to let it unfold. Don't waste time stressing on things that are out of your control. It's a journey, one where the days go slowly, but the years fly by. Soak it all in and live it up to the best of your ability.