FBI Problem?


I know this is going to be a really stupid question but just some funny post online triggered this anxiety so here I go..

*warning: rambling*

short story: It all just started with one guy who I met online and it’s all his fault because he seduced me through text but also my fault because I decided to text him WHYYYY.. anyways and that’s the reason behind this: 3-4 months ago I used to dirty talk on omegle through text, not giving any information out or anything, no pics, only shared my kik with maybe 3-4 guys and actually just talked to 2 of them through kik but no I’ve never sent pics the only info I gave out is my first name *breathing pause* and maybe I told like one guy where I live BUT I lied about my age! If that helps….. :( we sorta shared a lot of stuff together but I still feel nervous.. ANYWAYS and yeah that’s basically it I always lied about my age. The end. Oh btw I’m NOT planning to continue this omg no..

now my problem: could the FBI do something? I mean I’m underage and I’m pretty sure one of those “guys” were adult men or something since it was kinda kinky stuff and yeah teen guys aren’t really into kinky stuff so just ah help me I’m scared…Could the FBI come to my house or something even if it’s in the past??

oh and while I’m here, could someone please help me get rid of this “slutty” feeling??I mean i’ve had quite many of those chats .. *starts tearing up* I’m not crying okay.. :’( I’ve been feeling so guilty and dirty because of this recently, I don’t know why.. :/ I miss my innocence I guess..

Ok bye. *rolls into corner and bullies myself*




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4 Answers

You've got a lot going on here, but I'll start with your first question. You're a minor. You have done nothing but chat with people online. In the nicest possible way, the FBI doesn't care about you- you haven't committed a single crime.

As for everything else, you're alright there too. I'm not sure how to convince you of this, but you're in charge of your own life, and you can do more than you think. Believe it or not, but you can choose your own actions, and your mother only has the power over you that you give her. (That being said, just because your mother knows more about, say, cooking or parenting, doesn't mean that she knows best about your own sexuality. That's the kind of power that you shouldn't give her.)
Okay, let me just address some of your subjects in order.

Will the FBI care/do anything?
No. They won't. All you've done is chat, that's not illegal. Had you been making pictures of yourself and distributing them, you might be liable, but you've indicated this isn't the case. If anything, the older guys are in trouble, and even that's debatable depending on their age and the age you indicated you were. Short story: no, they really won't care.

Teen guys and kinky stuff.
You'd be surprised. Lots of teens, both male and female, are interested in many, many things that would qualify as kinky. I've had kink-related interests since my mid-teens myself.

Kink, shame, and acceptance.
There is nothing wrong with exploring your sexuality in a healthy way. If you enjoy having sexual conversations with other people, that doesn't make you a bad person. Indeed, sexuality will never make you a bad person unless you're involving people who can or will not give their consent. Despite what you might have been told in church or by your parents, sex is not something bad at all. It's a fantastic thing. It's a thing that can be beautiful between people in love, and it can be a hell of a lot of fun between people in lust.

Exploring the further reaches of sexuality isn't for everyone. Some people don't like any of these things and only want a loving embrace with their single life-partner, but for others that simply isn't enough. Some of those people like being tied down and taken advantage of. Some people like being humiliated. Some people like to be hurt, and some people like to hurt others. Some people enjoy being used as an object, some people want to be used in every way. Some people like being chocked, some people get off on doing the chocking. Some people like oral sex, or anal. Some people want to have sex with several others at once. Whatever you can think of, there are people doing it right now, and getting off on it. Massively.

But do you know what the one thing that all of these people have in common is? They're all people. None of them are bad for what they enjoy - it's simply a preference. As long as there's proper consent between you and your partner(s), don't let people tell you what you're doing is wrong. Don't feel ashamed of it. You're not hurting anyone, and for others to tell you what to like sexually is as silly as for them to insist your favourite flavour of ice cream isn't strawberry, but rather chocolate. Just because they like it, doesn't mean you have to.

So no, I won't forgive you. That would imply you did something wrong. There is nothing to forgive, and to lose innocence in such a way is a natural part of growing up.
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