Family or love?


Hi All,

Hope your doing well? I’m in a really bad state at the moment I am in love with this guy and he loves me too. My mum and dad clearly told me that they won’t accept me if I choose him over them but, the thing is in my previous relationship they said that aswell and said either choose him or us. So I choose them and this time they are saying if you do want to get married to him in the future we won’t accept that and won’t let that happen. Just to state we are both 18 and deeply love each other. I know marriage is a good few years away and I may meet many people but, my heart says that he is the one for me as he has always been there for me and stood by me for over 2 years now. The reason why they said no is that he is Hindu and his family orginates from Punjab but they are Hindus same as myself I am Hindu too but orginate from a different part. He eats meat and I’m a veg and he is willing to become veg for me. Parents also object that since his parents are split apart due to personal reasons what if that happens to you aswell. They said if you want to stay in our house then you have to leave him and I know this may sound cheesy but honestly he is the reason why I overcame depression and became my bubbly self all due to him. So I just need your advice.

Love all xx

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I understand that your family is upset because of religious reasons, but they have no right to treat you like that. Your happiness is what matters in this situation, but if they find that their religion is more important than that, I think you should choose the path that makes you happiest. If that means staying with the one you love instead of choosing your unaccepting family, then so be it. Don't let them make your decisions for you. Live YOUR life, with those who accept you no matter what and care about what or who makes you happy.
The reason why is first of all I'm the eldest and they have a mentality like that because I don't want to hurt them but in the process I am getting hurt right now I feel super sad and just feel like crying.