Falling in the Wrong Love


So I have three friends. There is one guy who has just crossed over from liking me to admitting he is in love with me, we can call him Sam. Then there is this other guy who I starting liking very much, we can call him Alex. Then there is the best friend of Alex who I have confined in, he will be Jake.
So Alex, Jake and I all have been trying to get Sam to stop liking me, sadly it is not working. It seems to have just aided him to start loving me with me doing nothing at all.
So Alex and I have a conversation a few months ago about how I like him and we wouldn’t do anything because we wanted to get to know each other. Then about two weeks later I find out that Jake and Alex are secretly dating. I got a mental breakdown from it. The next two days Alex tries to cheer me up even though I refused to really go out. He kissed me. I knew we shouldn’t have done it but I couldn’t help but want more.
So that next week Jake opens up and we confine secrets, all though I didn’t tell him I kissed Alex, and I felt bad knowing I hurt a friend. Well two months went by and all though I still think of that kiss I was able to maintain a friendship with the three guys. It wasn’t until this past Saturday when I asked Alex to come to my house so I can give him his birthday present. We chatted in his car because it was cold outside but we then engaged in a more hot and heavy make-out. This lasted for I believe two and a half hours.
I can’t stop thinking about it and my friend asked if I am in love with Alex. I told her as long as I don’t admit it I am ok. Sadly, I can feel it in my heart; I just can’t bear to see a relationship break apart because of me, and a friendship to rot away because of me. I am falling for the wrong guy, or am I?
Advice and guidance is in immediate need.

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1 Answer

by now you have probably figured it out.....I hope so, because only you have the answer to that......so trust your intutative heart and good luck with that.