Falling in love with someone on the internet?


How can anyone fall in love with someone they do not know in real life, but only from the internet? I do not understand this.

Apparently it is a thing some people do, so is because people are vulnerable/believe anything they are told, or is it true love? And can you find true love with someone you barely know, let alone seen?

Category: asked December 27, 2013

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Well, I would never dismiss the way a person feels, but sometimes I think it's just the idea. It's like, you talk to someone over a long period of time, you get to know them, find common interests, they make you smile and feel special, and you eventually find yourself caring for them. The problem is that people aren't always who they say they are, so sometimes a person may end up falling in love with a false perception of another person. But the internet has also lead to the start of countless genuine relationships. That can happen if both parties are open and honest about who they are. So, I guess it just depends.
I met my husband on the internet over 17 years ago - so this was in the days before it was a cool thing to do, in fact it was seen as a pretty dangerous and crazy ass thing to do - STRANGER DANGER!!

When my husband and I first started talking, we talked online a lot. And also sent emails. Then we put the phone and snail mail into play as well. Webcams weren't really a thing back then, so we'd send pics back and forth. Oh, and I was in the US and he was in Australia - this was not some small venture. After 6 months of talking online, thousands spent on phone bills, hundreds of emails, and hundreds of snail mail letters, we finally decided to get our shit together and do something about it. I packed everything I could into 3 suitcases and took the plunge and went to Australia. We've been married 16 years in October :)

So yes, you can find true love online :)
People lie all the time - offline as well as online. A liar is never consistent and are easily spotted online and off. I've talked to plenty of people online - liars and non liars alike. I have married someone I met randomly online. Did not plan to but I did. All the little naysayers in my life told me I did not have a "real" relationship because I had never touched him before. However, to me physical touch is something of a bonus once an emotional/mental bond has been established. The foundation of a relationship comes from cultivating genuine intimacy. You either have a connection with someone or you don't. People can easily lie to themselves offline as well. Happens all the time. Besides, online dating is becoming more widely accepted as time goes on. I think it presents one with a wide array of opportunities they otherwise would not have had without the internet.
Generally speaking, when a person meets a person online who they fancy it means A), they fear meeting someone outside of their protective online environment, or B), they haven't met anyone in real life who portrays the ideals that they're looking for in a partner. It's common for online relationships to be shared by the same sex, because most internet communities are very accepting of homosexuality and they fear if they leave the internet they will get harassed/judged. Online relationships tend to stay as online relationships ONLY because there is a vast distance gap between both parties, and until they meet, they have to communicate using Skype/IM/FaceTime etc. I hope this answered your question, and if not, feel free to ask me to explain better!
I am in love with someone online as well. It is normal and very hard but it can work out if both people are wanting to be together. I skype the guy i like and we talk everyday and have plans to see eachother. I think they work well because it makes you more trusting of eachother and makes you look forward to each time you see one another
It gives you a chance to fully know someone for who they are with out basing it on sex. Without the physical side of things you have to love the person for their mind, conversational skills, emotions...it's a deeper level than in person. Do people lie? Yes all the time. Most will do it to your face as easily as online. You can't stop your heart from loving who it wants.
1: Webcams.

2: You talk. A lot. For months.
Shit happens.