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I currently have been in a relationship for almost 3 years, prior to that i was in a relationship for 3 years as well with my ex boyfriend, my ex hurt me pretty bad and betrayed my trust, but I chose to forgive and we remained friends, we are really important in each others lives. He got into a relationship late 2014, and I told him I was happy for him, last night he was messaging me old photos of us, feelings didn’t arise, we were just looking back on past times, and sharing stories. We have hung out numerous amount of times when he is in town. earlier today I’m assuming his girlfriend pretending to be him, sent me a message saying we can no longer stay in contact, I can see where she’s coming from, but our break up was so long ago, and that I feel like it’s unfair for her to control him this way, I was exactly like her whilst dating him (but i also was 16) jealous and controlling and it drove him away. In my current relationship, we never tell each other who and who we can’t talk to because we’re adults and don’t feel the need*trust*. So now I ask, how should I handle this? should I respond to the message “he” sent me? She makes me seem like such a threat to their relationship

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You need to tell your ex that you don't feel like its right for her to tell you that you can't have contact with him. If she's insecure and jealous, that's honestly her problem and not yours. As you said, you guys broke up a long time ago and you and him are just friends and it shouldn't cause a threat to their relationship now, since you have a new relationship as well. Its quite pathetic and low for an ex's new significant other to try to do something like that. I've been caught in the middle of those situations an I did the same thing I am telling you. Hopefully things work out and it can go back to normal for you guys. Good luck!!! :)