Experiences of medication?


For anyone else with a disagnosis of depression and anxiety or OCD, what have your experiences with different medications been like? I was on effexor for a year and while it worked very well for my anxiety, I had every side effect possible and the benefit didn’t outweigh the risk. I changed to zoloft shortly after and found it has been very good for my depression but not so much my anxiety. I have minimal side effects though I feel its effect has begun to lessen over the last 4 months. I try many non-pharmaceutical remedies though have needed medication for the motivation to participate in them. I’m considering altering my dose or changing to another SSRI or SSNRI.

Category: asked August 23, 2015

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I've been on Lexapro (which is also used to for depression) for over a year now for my anxiety and I started out on 5 mg then went up to 10 mg when I still had a panic attack every week. Then I went up to 15 mg but after having sever problems when I was out for over a week I went back down to 10 mg which seems to be helping my anxiety loads! The highest dose is 20 mg encase you were wondering. :) Hope this helps