exercise questions


so im 67kg hight is 5’9

and just need to know how to get ripped! but dont know what to do? how do i exercise doing these

bunch press

(i also got a treadmill but my friends are telling me i shouldn’t use it anymore cause i dont need to loss anymore weight are they right?

like how many times do i do these? i have no idea all i do is bunch press like 10 times and just quit i just have no idea how many times i should do it and then rest and then do it again, can anyone help me please

Tags: asked February 2, 2015

4 Answers

You need to get a trainer that can help you do it the proper and safe way.
well forget about the bunch press what about the other ones?
I've been training with weights for almost a year now, but before that. I would do 50 press ups every day, and 50 sit ups. That make a massive difference to my body, I'd say while it can be useful getting all the right kit, the most basic parts can be done without any equipment at all, just yourself.Another important part of doing weight training I will mention is to make sure you don't move too fast, for example, you are doing bicep curls. You curl the weight up, then let your arms relax to move down. I was making this mistake for a few weeks until someone noticed and told me a different way. You've got to resist the gravity even when you're moving towards it if you get what I mean. A lot of the time you may find your tempted to relax as you bring the weight down, but then you'd only be cheating yourself, if you want the results be strict with yourself and picture yourself ripped, keep at it, In the last 2 years i've changed my physique and I feel so much better for it, I'm not totally ripped but even from the moment you start to see definition, you see your arms getting pumped, your chest coming out, signs of abs, you'll get a burst of inspiration to keep it up, the hardest part is getting started because you don't get results quickly. Keep at it bro!
Body weight training is probably safer than doing weights if you're new, its also cheaper and you can do it anywhere. Dips, squats, planks, sit ups, curls, pull ups, push ups. All that jazz you can do wherever you want, whenever you want. There are also heaps of different workouts that you can find on youtube, you just need to work out a pattern and stick with it and increase how many you do gradually.
Cardio is important too, too many bulked up guys that would get puffed out doing a 1.5k run...
best of luck