ex girlfriend keeps on comparing me with her new boyfriend


We lived together for 5yrs but broke up 3 months ago because she cannot come out. Her family doesnt know about us,(as couple)they keep on asking her to get married. And she just cannot do it with me,she’s too scared. Though we had plans on building our own family. She had a new boyfriend a month after we broke up. But she still text me and told me they always fight because of me and that they almost broke up. She keeps on comparing me with him. She even told him how much she wanted to be with me. And She told me how much she misses me and us together. And that no one can love her the way I do. But I dont understand why she has to tell me all of these when I dont think she wants us back together. I just dont know what to do.

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4 Answers

Maybe she's just in love with the idea of being loved. having affection. If she really missed you so much, she would fight to have you back.
Maybe she's hurt and she can't talk to anyone else but you.
Maybe she feels too weak to fight against her parents and society's wishes.

Maybe she's trying to get you to save her.

Maybe -everyone- is in love with the idea of being loved, and having affection from someone they want it from.
But in my experience, a lot of people are too scared to fight for anything anymore.

Dunno how to make people stop being afraid to fight for what they care for.

Oh advice . . .

Go to her in person
Tell her you'll do whatever you can to be with her (if that's true)
Tell her that you want her back, and that you miss her (if that's true)
And tell her that you're willing to fight if she is (if that's true)

Basically, tell her the truth.
most likely trying to make you jealous or pity her into taking her back. she clearly isnt happy and is wanting you back, but if its not going to work, than you should be honest with her. maybe she isnt moving on to someone who will treat her right because she thinks you will 'rescue her' from this bad relationship, and that's not healthy. ask her to chat in person. if you dont have feelings anymore, or if you know it wont work, tell her that. tell her you are worried about this new guy, and she deserves better, but she needs someone new. be supportive, but be honest that you wont take her back.
She may not like her new boyfriend and compares him with you to try to think of him better because you two broke up. It may be that or it may be that she wants you back.