Ex friend saw comment…(Sexual)


Okay so call me a freak I don’t care but sometimes I tend to fantasise about my crush and my ex best friend in a threesome, or them having sex. Because the three of us used to be a very good group of friends and I just slowly started getting fantasies :( And okay so I’m a fan of Yaoi (boyxboy anime stuff) and I’m liking this Yaoi page on Facebook. And one picture was posted that was like: “When other girls see 2 hot guys they think about threesomes with them, When I see hot guys I think about them fucking” And I tagged my best friend and commented: “Omg I’m both with ___ and ___ help” And I go on Facebook a couple of hours later and I SEE THAT HE LIKED IT. THE COMMENT. MY EX FRIEND FOUND IT. HOW? I DIDN’T EVEN TAG HIM. HE ISN’T EVEN MY FRIEND ON FACEBOOK. And no I did not use his full name when mentioning him either, just his nickname…How? I’ve been stressing about this for about 1-2 hours I’m just dreading Monday :( Because the worst part is that he was at a birthday party with his group of friends and what if they all saw the comment? I don’t even..Know.. :( I deleted the comment but when I checked the notification it was 4 hours ago.. How do I cope..Now he knows..He knows that I have SEXUAL FANTASIES about HIM and his BEST FRIEND aka MY CRUSH…Just..Kill me..
Advice needed :(

Category: asked May 16, 2015

2 Answers

You can try and convince him that is what you really want, or you can try and palm it off as a joke... I hope it turns out ok no matter what you choose to do
If he saw that comment at that Yaoi site.. maybe he's into yaoi as well? I mean.. that's the only thing i can think of. I mean how else would he have seen it if you're not friends with him.. Wait unless your best friend is friends with your ex friend and saw it on your best friend's wall?I mean.. I would lie if it got to it. You did delete the post (god forbid that ex friend took a screenshot of it) and so you can play off nothing happened.I'd say say it as a joke, honestly. I mean you can admit that you find Ex friend and his Best friend attractive and the image was a joke made to your friend.