Ex friend haunting my dreams, why?


It’s been about 9 months since me and my ex best friend broke up but I still think about him often and miss him, but I guess that’s just because I see him at school every day. Anyway, it’s not only that but he is CONSTANTLY.HAUNTING.MY.DREAMS.
It’s so annoying! I’m going nuts, like, he’s in about 80% of my dreams, and I end up waking up upset because in those dreams we’re like still friends and just talking casually or it’s even about us becoming friends again :(
Yes once I made an attempt to talk to him and text him but he was being super stubborn so I gave up, and even if I did it now I’d be showing a sign of weakness! I’m fine without him! But I just miss him since we had so many memories, and I tend to be very obsessive about him, when I talk to my friends he is mentioned at least once..Ugh.
Seriously, is there a way to erase memories or something?

Category: asked April 25, 2015

2 Answers

Recurrent dreams happen when you think about a person a lot. Or they are basically covering up more of your conscious slash unconscious.
so the answer is to let go.

I had a really good friendship with this guy for 5 years or so- also he had a one-sided crush on me. It was great. But eventually he got annoying, and i was rude. And somehow, i still have no idea how, but we had stopped talking completely.
at first it didnt really matter. But there are times when i look at his Whatsapp profile. Or facebook. I get this urge to talk to him. Like i want to. And I can. But i more often than not, don't.

I really cherished our friendship and sometimes blame myself for making him get away. Which is not true.

I think the key to getting out of these kinds of stuff is to tell yourself that LIFE GOES ON.
People leave. Most of the times for the better/
People change too. And not everyone is gonna stay with you for all eternity.

It's good you have good memories. Cherish them. But tell yourself that you have to move on. He is happy in his life. You should be happy with yours.
Focus on what you have- RIGHT NOW. Make your now better. Live the life you have right now to the fullest.

Don't try to suppress the feelings.It will make it worse. But dont let them stay for more than they should.
Like the thought of him comes, smile, and treat it like a sign post. You saw it. You acknowledged it. But now move onto your journey. (:

and yes avoid talking about him much, since he is not a part of your life now. In that case i dont think he is alone. He is just another person you spent a good time with. You can make more memories with more awesome ppl.
there are many lovelies around in this world too.
So on you go! G'luck!
i use to have that happen to me.....it goes away over time.....