Everything was right


Everything was right in Orland because I will remember we went back to the hotel at night it was me Dave Draper franked Arleen he kept saying all over and over I’m can’t believe that a actually Muscle Rev Xtreme be Sergio and blew his mind he actually had to topple Sergio any of course it few weeks later he was able to beat him again at the mister lipid and it was really his decision you know he will do Olympic 1970 in to 275 searches to them closely on the Olympia then made the Olympia between 1770 but that’s when the Olympia took over as the contest went decide who’s that bus was a compliment Indian after that you good jewels publicity machine behind it and as ascertain synchronicity about the whole thing Joe go the guy he wanted blonde admit the entrepreneur he needed they both knew how to promote you loose ball as a business and make you accessible to the public the Olympia was established months old training Gold’s Gym so you’re the synchronicity you know the rules best bodybuilders injury friend all in the same gym you can’t be thinking about yourself he .


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