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Im well aware Blahtherapy has been taken over by folly accounts advertising useless products, Especially the ( what used to be anyway ) a functioning Q & A section. Regardless, ive posted this question up as an invitation. Recently ive completed a Self Help novel which I intend to be giving freely to anyone and everyone who needs some light in their life. This is my Gift, my contribution to everyone and anyone who chooses to take it, This was written by my an attempt to Understand myself better. To understand other people better and offer a new perspective on how we interpret human consciousness as a whole. I sincerely hope this helps atleast one other, in the way it opened my eyes when It struck me in that timeless surge of motivation that was presented to me in the midst of my own darkness. Learn about yourself backwards, from the outside in and please enjoy.
I will be updating twice a week for as long as I am able on a variety of topics, Thank you members of Blahtherapy. We’re all here on good intention, to help eachother. Thats what I intend to do, and I hope this is what my book will inspire you to do. Please vote for it I sciencerely hope you share it if nothing else.


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I must say I am very grateful you chose to write and share something like this! Great job man!
This is a great idea! This will be helpful to so many people, you are truly a wonderful person to offer such a useful resource to everyone!