Erection while hugging/holding hands


Hey everybody, I have a problem. Whenever I hug or hold my girlfriend’s hand, I get an erection. This is especially embarrassing in public and I don’t know how to hide it. Should I hide it? If so how could I hide it?

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5 Answers

Don't feel bad because it happens to more guys than you think, I know some of my exes would say they would get one from just me talking to them on the phone. Straying from the point, I know I'm not a guy so I can't exactly relate, but I thought I'd put in my two cents and my best guy friends said that by flexing your calf muscles it will get rid of it. It makes sense though scientifically since the blood flow is moving there rather then in your penis but yeah, hope that works. I wish you all the best!
My boyfriend hides his boners by tucking his penis under the waistband of his boxers. It works, since I can never tell. Good luck! :)
Everything is okay, you aren't alone with this problem.
The situation is not pleasant, but if you think about it,there is nothing in it that can be taken as an insult. I remember when I was young, all I ever did was look for someone to sleep with. But the years take their toll and I am already 54 years old and sometimes I have to use "Cialis" a Very good drug of its kind,it has saved me from embarrassing situations more than once. It helps me be confident with girls, which is why I'm grateful to him. I'll leave a link to this if anyone needs it
It's probably excessive hormones. Don't worry about it as your body matures it may not be a problem anymore.