Er,…. I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO !!! pls say something


Guess what my 21′st birthday gift was. BRUISES. physical and emotional scars. I… SMH!!! I was abused verbally and Physical all at the same time by my parents. My father hit me and insult me while my mother sat there cheering for him to hit me more n also insult me. I have internal bleeding all over my body. i was beaten black and blue. it’s scary to look at my body really. n some of the bruises have become yellow & red over time !!! I can’t walk, sit, sleep, stand. I walk funny like i was raped or something.

It all started when they started abusing me verbally. It happens regularly. They said that i was good for nothing, I was stupid n that I am of no use to humanity. They even said that I was retarded. (I don’t think a retard would make it to University)(To be honest, they are the retards. They didn’t even graduate high school) Just because I am not more of an extrovert, they hate me. Because I am timid and shy…………… Then I became really really angry. I told them that I am a screw up because of them. I told them that it’s all they’re fault. Then I guess their ego was bruised. So he started hitting me every possible way. I was beaten like a punching bag really. ;( Slap, Kicks, Punches, Throwing things at me, Throwing me to the pavement n kicking me all around like i was a ball, Stepping a foot on my face and body after kicking me down. Kicking my head back to the concrete wall behind me. Every WWE move he practised on me. He picks me up then throws me down on the concrete floor then plays around with my body as if he was playing football. SMH!!! It was humiliating. As if that’s not enough, they started abusing me verbally. They said that am a screw up. That I am of no use to this world. They suggested that I kill my self. They don’t care if I died or vanished away from this earth, run away,.. they don’t give a fuck…. They said lots of hurtful things. But I can’t seem to remember. I cried myself to sleep. sobbing without making any noise. Cuz if they heard me crying they would hurt me more. They told me that I “MUST” forgive them. “That they did all that cuz they have to. The bible forces them to punish their kids. “

The funniest part was that they asked me to forgive them. When I said no. They hit me. Then they ask me if I had forgiven them again, they tell me if i say no they would hit me again. Then eventually I have to give in and say yes. Also they try to justify every single thing they did. They said that i am a screw up that everything is my fault. They even said that I get sick a lot because i have a curse. They told me that “screw ups” like “me” have a curse following them, That I am subject to it. I have Dysmenorrhea (severe pain or cramps in the lower abdomen during menstruation) It’s a disease almost every girl has. I don’t think I get that cuz I have some curse following me. It’s natural. That’s what my doctor said. SMH!!! If I said that i am not a screw up. That i’m a normal human being that makes some mistakes from time to time. They would hit me.

I am so sad that I can’t even articulate my thoughts. Sorry for my Grammar. :(

What do you think I should do? I can’t move out, I am wholly dependent on them. food, shelter, clothing, all the other amenities. I am a university student. I graduate two years later. I can’t work part time while i do my studies. The department I am in requires full time dedication. We have projects to do all week long. Then I come home to that shit. I can’t afford to get my own place. I can’t even afford to buy some things I need for my projects in University.

They hate me literally. I hate them too. I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO !!!
The worst part of it is that I am really shy. Am an INTP. So when they do that my confidence just shrinks. :’( I have no friends………………………………………………. If I tell my mates about it they would look down on me cuz i was abused. They won’t want to be around me.

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Call the police. Finish reading this, and then drive over to the police station and report them for abuse, or assault. If you are at all unsure about your health, go to the doctor get them to check you out. Then you are going to book a meeting with a therapist. No matter what do not go to them they have proven that they will not help you. This is not ok. This was never ok and never will it ever be ok. It is awesome that you are reaching out to people on this site. If you feel like talking to someone else who has lived through something simpler pm me. Please just get yourself safe. You do not deserve to be in danger.
You need to tell someone who is in a position whereby he/she has the ability to help you get out of this situation you're in. You shouldn't have to tolerate all this abuse and boy am I thankful that you realise this is definitely not what you deserve and you're doing something about it. If you feel that talking it out with your parents isn't going to happen (given the situation you've stated and also since it's more difficult for introverts to speak up), then perhaps it'd be better for someone else to do it for you :-) Call the abuse hotline in your area or confide in your school counsellor. Take care my dear!
Don't ever listen to anyone when they tell you you are useless or your nothing because you are. You don't deserve to be bullied or beaten like you do. You are a human being and it's time you start being treated like one. You need to call the cops or get ahold of somebody that will help and put a end to this. Try not to let what others say about you get to you. So what if you are timid and shy you are who you are. I am shy and I have really bad social anxiety but I don't let what others have to say about me get to me. Fuck them, they don't mean shit to me, if they want to call me a "freak" or anything else let them I don't give a shit they are not important to me. I have very few friends because they actually understand. I know it is hard to not listen to what they say because it does hurt when they say shit. Just know you are beautiful in every way and there are people out there who care about you. You shouldn't have to put up with what you are going through. You are strong to go through all of this, one day you will look back at all of this and thank yourself to what a wonderful life you have.
You need to tell somebody.
WHO?????? I AM ALL A.L.O.N.E !!! :( MY family hates me ! I have no friends ! I have this crush on someone that's killing me.I am telling you though, aren't I?
Either you're full of shit trying to get attention or your life sucks, but call the cops and child protective services.