Engaged and my Ex wants me back


Dated my ex for three years, decent relationship, completely in love with him, he told me he did not want to be married ever or have children, I finally got the nerve to leave him because he also he drank a lot.

We have been broken up for a year and a half and I am now engaged to a great man who wants all of the same things I do. I had to contact my ex to retrieve some last few items that were at his apartment. It’s opened a dialogue now and my newly sober ex is apologizing to me for how he treated me and tells me how he feels about me. It is very hard to hear how he feels and finally realizes he took us for granted. It tugs at my heart and sent me into a lot of emotion the past few days.

I have been long distance with my fiance for the past 5 months, it’s been very hard. To top it all off he and my ex used to be best friends before all this!

Thanks for reading, looking for insight. ..

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3 Answers

Dont fuck with an ex. It didn't work out for a reason- you can't look at the next chapter if you're reading the last. He probably just misses the ass and the memories but I can 100% Guarantee you that if you date your ex, it won't last.
Thanks for being blunt Ian, your words did help and makes sense.
Things happen more than once. If it dind't work the first time, it won't the second or third. You've found someone compatible to you. You just miss how your ex made you feel, but now you're open to a whole new world of experiences and dreams to come. Don't waste a chance for a new life for getting the old one back.