Emotional Sex?


When me and my boyfriend have sex its usually just straight up F**king but tonight it was different, I can’t 99 percent of the time have sex with the lights on, we we’re making out and he got on top of me and we we’re making out and having sex, we we’re looking at each other most of the time while it was happening and we we’re holding each other very intimate sex and when we were done we both said i love you and he said he loved me very much, I know this is a lot of details but I started crying, I can’t control myself, he is in the shower and for some odd reason I’m sitting here crying, it was really nice sex, but I don’t understand why I am crying like this.

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6 Answers

It's love. Happy tears. Sometimes we go through great sadness and unemotional sex. But when you find that person that you can connect with on all levels, things change. Don't be afraid or worried that you are crying. I am so happy that you got to experience that emotional connection. I believe that we are supposed to feel this way after sex. It is an intimate thing and you give off your energy and emotions.
Aww, that sounds really sweet. I think there was a good Dr Who christmas episode about a house with a portal to another world that touched on the subject, but sometimes we cry because we are happy. Perhaps we cry for all the times when life hasn't been so perfect and then when it is then it's all just too much.
Well, your emotions are overwhelming you. It's a very touching moment and there's nothing wrong with that. I can't say I've cried during or after sex, but I've had two partners who have. Sex in itself whether being rough or sensual is an extremely intimate experience for most. As you mentioned, most of the time it's straight up balls to the wall fucking each others brains out, which, while it's fun and all, lacks the balance of a sensual touch, and personally, I need both. So in your case, having passionate, gentle, and emotional sex is somewhat shocking to your senses, which might send you over your emotional brink. Long story short, this is normal, it happens, and it's a special moment. Be happy to have such a strong connection to your emotions. Many others will never know that intensity of a heartfelt moment.
i'm sure its happy tears from an overwhelming feeling from the love between you both
Its a good thing as everyone says, you are very lucky to have this.
It might have something to do with the fact that you had sex with the lights on. Try again sometime.