Emotional Attraction to Best Friend? or something more?


Hi, So I am born female but I’m genderfluid (meaning I identity as both male and female and that my gender changes over time), I am straight or maybe heteroflexible (not sure). I have recently become very close friends with a girl (who is also gender fluid), and at first our relationship was purely friendship, we have a lot of the same interests, I really enjoy spending time with them and I feel as if they’re one of the only people that really understand me. But after a few months of our friendship developing I started feeling different feelings for them. I noticed myself feeling helpless without them, and staring at them a lot, I also felt kinda jealous if anyone else took at interest in them or tried to talk to them extensively. Then I started imagining what it would be like to date them, I know they’re born female so they still have the body of a female even thought they may feel male sometimes. So I started thinking that maybe I’m attracted to the male part of her? I’m not sure. Since recently I haven’t really thought about the physical aspect of this virtual dating scenario, I guess we could hold hands and have the arm-around-the-shoulder-thing, maybe even kissing, but any farther than that I’m really not sure about. I’m very confused about my attraction to them, I thought that maybe it was only an emotional attraction and maybe we could date/or just have a relationship the way asexual people do or if this is a full blown crush. Throughout my life I have always questioned my sexuality and i really don’t know what to do about this situation. If you have any comments or advice, it would be appreciated.

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Do what feels right if u have feelings for her tell her and see what she thinks that's the fastest way for you to cross this bridge:)