embarrassing thing happened thats killing me


today i was supposed to go with my nephew ( who is the same age as me 18 ) to drive around on his car and may even teach me a few things in the way
i called my dad to ask whens the teacher coming over so id know when to go driving out with him and he said he didnt know so i said ‘oh ok anyways im going with my nephew driving is it ok’ he said ok

and then after an hour past my nephew was drove 30 minutes to get my house he was so near
he taxted me saying my dad just called his dad telling him not go out driving with him
and he went back i was so freaken embarrassed by thishe tolled me his dad yelled at him and tolled him to come back home cause my dad was angry
11 minutes
so he went back and i called my dad telling why he would call my half brother! and he tolled me all he did was ask if he got a driving licent which he damn knew!

i got so fucking pissed that i wannted to hit something its one of the embarrassing thing that can happen -_-

i dont know what to do

it just sucks were 18 and they still treat us like 12 year olds

and i wanted him to teach me a thing or too on driving so i dont fuck up on my driving test next week cause when we first got tested he got a 4/5 and i got a 1/5 so theres no doubt that he’s a batter driver so i dont know why there worried he’s family afterall

i dont think he’ll ever call mr up again to hangout for what happened

please help its killing me inside

Category: Tags: asked March 21, 2015