Eating Disorder??


Every time I eat, I eat a lot, I just don’t stop, even when I’m full and maybe feel sick. Then I always feel guilty and depressed after. I don’t purge, but I want to. I want to starve myself most of the time, but I just can’t. Could this be an onset of an eating disorder or am I reading too much into it? Please help!!

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3 Answers

Having done quite a bit of research into eating disorders, your binge eating could be a sign of Bulimia Nervosa. A few questions you need to ask yourself, is it more than once every 2 weeks and is weight or eating high priority in my life. If either of those are even partially true I would suggest consulting someone medically as Bulimia is a clinical condition. I'm sure you can resolve it with help :)
That could be the start of a eating disorder like bulimia. You should talk with someone close to you about this, tell them how you feel about food and stuff.
Although you won't fully know until a doctor diagnoses you, it appears that you have a severe food guilty anxiety, specifically with binge eating.Have you ever logged your intake? Not to count calories, or fats or carbs, but use it to track when you're eating, what you're feeling before eating (hunger, boredom, depression, anxiety, anger, stress) what you've eaten, and how you felt afterwards (guilt, sad, full, too full, anxious, etc.) From there, see if you can do some self evaluation.Why do you think you do this activity with food? Why do you think it makes you feel the way it does. Is it body image? Is it stress related, childhood related, relationship with your parents or someone close to you? If the activity doesn't change, I would recommend seeing a doctor to discuss it further. They can recommend you to a therapist, and to a nutritionist.Remember, food is life. Life is good. Take a deep breath and try to logically focus on the behavior rather than panicking about it and feeling unnecessary shame.