easy tips to stop feeling like shit


i feel awful and i want to stop being a sad clusterfuck of anxiety. what kinds of things can i do to cheer myself up?
ps: telling me life is wonderful and im a special snowflake won’t make anything better so please don’t.

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If it's in general you should focus on the various, "fronts" in life. I used to feel like crap because I procrastinated and stress ate as an effect. When I really cut into my procrastination and started to eat more healthily I felt better about life in general. It's really the little things coming together that affect your overall mood. But even in the best of circumstances there are still times where we do feel bad. I personally believe these moments are just inevitable so I just let the feelings flow because I know that they will pass and there will be happier times. That shouldn't be an excuse to kill the bad habits though.

P.S: You should really watch this video about people being said snowflake. Which I agree is also a bs myth people believe in, including me when I'm at the height of my ego haha.
I fully agree with Michael, being busy all the time can help you feeling less like shit. Ofcourse it isn't easy at first to find something to keep you busy with. You will need the motivation to do those hobby's. It's up to you to tell yourself that you should go out and find something. I suggest you do a hobby where you already have some knowledge of in the beginning because it might happen that you'll stop the hobby if something doesn't work out. Also voluntary work can make you happy, because you're helping others and you go out and meet new people, also if this is a too big step for you then do it later. You really should do small steps and make sure that you feel comfortable with what you do, if you don't then quit. Also you may find links on the internet of things you can do in your area and what hobby's are there to do. Don't set yourself up with too many things ofcourse make sure that you have time for yourself! Also to find out what is causing your sadness you'll have to take a long time to think about that and how to let those problems go away. It might not be that easy to find them but think long and hard! Take all the time you need and with that you'll surely feel less shit over a while. Just remember one thing, it is okay if after a while you feel shit again, I still have mental breakdowns, awful weeks and hard days and I still feel shitty some time. It is okay! Don't worry if that happens, it's life! Life sometimes suck but you're strong and you can get through it! Just like Michael I'll be here for you if you need to talk. I wish you ofcourse lots of luck with what you're going through and stay strong because you'll make it out alive and life will show you the good sides too. And may I tell you that being through a lot of hard shit might sound awful and you hate it, but at least you have experience in life and you can use it! Use the knowledge you've gotten through the hard times and the chance will be that you won't make the exact same mistake again. I hope this helped!
This really depends on what's causing the sadness in your life and if it's still got a hold over you in some form. Most of the time picking up new hobbies or investing yourself completely to current ones (that still make you happy) will help a lot. Same goes with hanging around your close friends and meeting new people with them. You have to keep yourself constantly busy and slowly, but surely, life will start to feel less numb and the pain will start to fade. Time is your only answer and the more you spend trying to enjoy yourself, the quicker it starts to feel better. If you'd like to talk more just drop me a private message. Keep strong.