Dry skin?


So what’s the best skin care products for dry skin? Can someone help a girl out here? D:

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3 Answers

I find that any sort of cocoa butter works well. aveeno lotion does WONDERS for my dry skin. You can also try rubbing baby oil onto your skin immediately after you've showered (don't try off before you apply the baby oil). Keep little travel sized lotions with you too!
Coconut oil before you get out of the shower
I love love argan oil! It's very nice and soft for the skin, hair etc. its good for basically anything. It's a little heavier than olive oil, but I used both and I can tell that it does make a difference. However olive oil is a very good alternative. You should be careful though if you want to treat your blond hair (if you have blond hair) with olive oil. Olive oil may give your blond hair a greenish glow in the sun/light.