Driving Tips?


Watch out people Im learning how to drive cx
Any tips or useful info you’ve learned about/from driving, cars, etc would be helpful.
I am going to take drivers education at school this year, anything extra you guys could think of that could help me would be awesome

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1. Learn to drive a stick shift, it'll save you a lot of trouble if you ever go overseas.

2. Awareness. Always pay attention to your mirrors and the angles not covered by them.

3. Expect the most idiotic from children and young adults, up to mid to late twenties. They won't pay attention and might just run a red light or chase a ball onto the street or something.

4. Don't tailgate: keep your distance from people in front of you, breaking takes a lot longer than you might think.

5. Cyclists are squishy, and difficult to clean off of your grill.

6. Don't be indecisive, if you see a safe gap for your car, take it. Do not keep waiting for the easy spots.

7. 5mph too fast is preferable to 5mph too slow.

8. Pay attention to your bright lights when there is oncoming traffic - bikes, cyclists, cars or other.

9. If one or more car(s) in front of you are standing still but you don't see why, trust them. They can see things you can't.

10. Take your time adjusting the seat and mirrors, it'll save you trouble in the long run.
My first (and arguably most important tip) would be to drive defensively: think about unfortunate things that might happen as you drive and prepare yourself by planning for how to handle them if you do.Always look over your shoulder before changing lanes. When you are looking over your shoulder, make sure you are not turning the steering wheel. This is harder to learn than it sounds.Don't feel you have to drive or turn more quickly just because somebody honks at you. Honking people are not always right.Don't drive distracted. Don't drive tired. Don't drive angry.Give motorcyclists and bicyclists a lot of space.Know how to jumpstart a car and how to change a tire.Know where your blind spots are.And before you dance and sing intensely in the car, be aware that people can still see you. If you don't care about this, more power to you.
Always check for people crossing the street before turning! Like if you're about to turn right, you check to the left to make sure that there's not a car coming before making your turn. Well make sure to check right to make sure nobody is about to cross. =)
If you can think three steps ahead of any action a car/person will do while driving, you can avoid nearly all bad things and accidents.Always be thinking defensively and what you're going to do.This point is valid if you're in emergency and going 80mph on a 45mph speed limit road or just normal speeds.gl!