Dreaming of Love


I keep having the same reoccurring dream: I’m happy and in love with a wonderful man. When I wake up I can still feel the love as if I actually had it and I’ll feel that way randomly throughout the day. I feel as if something great is coming, as if I’m close to finding my soulmate ( or as if I already have him). The weird part is that I haven’t actually talked to anyone in a long time, so I’m not sure where these feelings are coming from. Is it possible that it’s sort of like a premonition type of thing?

Category: Tags: asked April 12, 2015

1 Answer

I've had dreams like that. The ones where the guy is holding you and you wake up feeling all warm and fuzzy? Yeah those are great. I don't really know. it could mean anything, i guess someone new will be coming into your life or you are craving that kind of feeling. Love comes unexpectedly and usually most people now a days spend forever seeking it and are never happy, once you stop and evaluate yourself and live life, the right person will come along without you even realizing it.